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I've been a California licensed real estate agent for more than 32 years. My career began at Fred Sands in Brentwood, in 1986, and my first sale was a month later for all-cash 30-day escrow on Rockingham in Brentwood Park. A rising star in the real estate industry, I quickly earned my membership in the "Million Dollar Club." In 1988, I sold 10-million dollars-worth of Industrial properties in just one month, working in the industry.

At that time, I was working with a partner to build clientele in Westwood and Century City. In the first year, we closed six transactions. When my partner left real estate to become a stay-at-home mom, I decided to start working as a real estate assistant for top brokers to hone my skills in multi-million-dollar properties. I worked at Fred Sands Estates Director's Office in Beverly Hills where I learned how to market high-end real estate. I took those skills to Marina del Rey where I worked for a small boutique company. The owner and I opened three other offices and founded a property management company together. It was an active corporation from around 1999 to 2004. The owner eventually sold his company to Coldwell Banker.

By 2004, I had developed a name for myself in real estate and property management and was sought out by a developer to manage what would be considered the newest luxury apartment complex on the Westside of Los Angeles. The 200+unit building was still under construction when I was hired, and I oversaw the project until its completion in 2006. I helped put the finishing touches on the building, decorated models/fully furnished corporate units, setting up the entire complex as well as the leasing office. I leased up the buildings in less than a year and did all advertising on the Internet at no cost to the owners.

It was a rewarding experience which allowed me to gain expertise in another aspect of the business. However, my true passion is in selling real estate. I love helping buyers and sellers find properties that will be solid investments in highly desired areas. I pride myself in the fact that all my clients have made money from the properties I've sold to them. I love to negotiate. I've won bids when properties went into multiple offers countless times. Having more experience in REO's, residential, and commercial investment properties.

I've since relocated to Irvine from the Westside of Los Angeles. I spent mychildhood years in Newport Beach and attended schools at Horace Ensign Intermediate and Newport Harbor High School. I have fond memories of Orange County and look forward to continuing to grow my roots, and to helping you find your dream properties.

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