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Providing you with comprehensive, high-quality listing service is my top priority. So when you decide to sell your home, please contact us and let's get started!

Expert Agents

Find Home Sellers for buying or selling your home . It's extremely important that you work with a knowledgeable agent or Top Realtor® in your neighborhood.

Daily Listings

By listing our property with us our listing will get access to thousands of visitors our site receives everyday. find the right buyers for your property today.



I will treat your money like it is my own. When there is an opportunity to save or make you money, I am relentless. My negotiating skills alone are worth every penny you pay me.

Deliberate Approach

Orange County real estate is expensive, complex, and important. My team has one goal: to provide both highly successful results for our clients and an enjoyable experience, every time.

Project Manager

Every sale has 100 – 150 communications with up to 40 people who get involved at various stages. I will keep track of the details and keep the process organized to save you time and money.


I will ask the types of questions that the typical agent may never take the time to ask you. My goal is to discover what is really important to you because that is really important to me

Reasons to Hire Homes Sold Right

  • You get a Team of people working to sell your home
  • We are well liked among our peers and other agents show our properties
  • Along with my team I will be dedicated to working to sell your property and your home will be my #1 Priority
  • We are on top of the latest technology available in this business
  • We make the transaction as easy for you as possible to keep it from getting stressful
  • If your home needs repairs we have a trusted network of contractors we can schedule for you
  • We have the best advertising program in the industry
  • We will work tirelessly to get you the maximum for your home!

Our Testimonials

Melissa is everything you want in real estate agent! She is prepared, organized, quick to respond, and friendly, We worked with her over the years when searching for rental and purchase properties. She is patient and makes herself available for questions, appointments and anything you may need throughout the process, highly recommended!

Elizabeth Estacio

Corporate Controller at American Restaurant Holdings Inc (ARHI)

Melissa is a fantastic agent. My wife and i have used her for both sales and purchases. On both sides of the transaction she understands her client's needs and properly advocates for them while ensuring that the transaction is completed in a timely manner. She seems to know exactly what you are looking for when purchasing. She's attentive, responsive and transparent. What more could you ask for? Thank you for the continued quality service you provide us Melissa!

Dominic Laico

Co-Founder & CEO of AutoProcessor

I discovered Melissa driving by a listing she had in Orange. I decided to user her to purchase my home in Orange. She is fantastic. Her Attention to detail, her knowledge, and her passion to make sure everything goes perfectly in unmatched. She is there for you from the beginning to the end. I have recommended her to multiple friends and business associates. Not just to purchase, but to rent homes as well. I have purchased multiple properties using Melissa over the last 4 years and i will continue to use her for any of my real estate needs. If you are looking for a real estate agent that has the knowledge, experience, and cares about you as well, then look no further.

Ron Holt

President at 714Tickets

I had the pleasure of working with Melissa Chelius a year ago on a multi-transaction real estate initiative. We met at an open house Melissa was holding for a client in Villa Park, CA. While interested in placing a contingent offer on the property. As my property had not been listed for sale at the time. Thus, Melissa became my agent for the sale of my property while acting as the agent (for the seller and buyer) for the property in Villa Park. Sound Confusing?? It gets even more confusing as she was also acting as the Buyer's ( The Villa Park Property Owners) agent on a property they wanted to purchase and the Buyer's agent for my property. as well, Clearly. a person with multi-tasking competencies, Melissa successfully executed the sale of my property. the purchase/sale of the Villa Park property and the 3rd purchase of another property for the Villa Park home owners WITHIN 45 days of the listing. She not only had to be empathetic to all parties, but carefully use clear and fair negotiating skills to keep everyone's best interest in mind. Melissa is one of the BEST real estate's agents in all of Orange County and probably in the state of California!

Scott Woodering

Health Systems Executive at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
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